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We will not tolerate bullying in our store. 

Being a business owner we will always try to do our best to make people happy, we sometimes even do things we do not have to do to keep the peace.
Yesterday a staff member was bullied and my business was threatened over an expired NV Seafood Gift card from 2021 that was redeemable until 2022. We redeemed the card but after hearing how our staff was treated it left me with a really shitty feeling. 
I get it, everyone has bad days but if you feel the need to take it out on my staff you will be asked to leave and not welcome back. 

We will take the bad review or in this case get kicked out of the Facebook group but bullying will not be tolerated from now on. 
Old NV Seafood Gift cards that are expired long ago will also not be redeemable anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hey guys, we are going to close the store on Mondays for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience:)
We will be closed tomorrow (Monday Sept 4th) due to unforeseen circumstances. 
sorry for any inconveniences and we will be back to regular schedule on Tuesday! 🤟 My dog is fine - pic just for attention :)